What are core values?  What drives us?  Why do we make the decisions we make and perform the actions we do?  An individual's core values and principles are often held close to their chest; similar to political views.  As a gym, we feel it is important to share our core values to those who are, or are considering, entrusting us to help guide them through this fitness journey.  

Our core values are the foundation blocks, the root system, our soul at Drop Box CrossFit. Every decision we make, personal interaction we have, client we train, strategy we deploy is all based on adhering to our core values. Below are the core values we have established at Drop Box CrossFit:    

Dedication: We are dedicated to provide our members with an atmosphere of camaraderie while working toward individual fitness goals.

Respect: We respect one another.

Optimal Performance: We are determined to seek optimal performance to achieve personal success.

Progression: We are committed to constant progression in overall wellness.

Balanced Lifestyle: We prioritize the importance of a balanced lifestyle by making fitness and health achievable to anyone.

One Community:  We are one community of encouragement, support and motivation.

X-Fit: We promise to uphold the beliefs and principles of CrossFit.