The single biggest step to improving your health and fitness is consciously making the decision to get fit and STAY fit. CrossFit has been adapted for people wanting to make changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

Drop Box CrossFit is not your typical gym that you walk into whenever and use on your own. You will not see single joint movement style machines either. We are a gym where members come in and workout in an energizing class led by a knowledgable coach. We will teach you skills, habits and advise you on nutrition that will make your fitness goals attainable and sustainable. Our motivating environment encourages members to push themselves and accomplish results they never thought possible. We are a box that promotes accountability and team building.

Owners and coaches, Gerry (aka ‘G’) Ocampo and Art Chevalier, develop workout routines designed for people of all ages with different fitness backgrounds. Drop Box CrossFit is for individuals who are looking for something new to add to their fitness routine, individuals who dislike the  “globo gym” environment and need to workout under a watchful eye of a CrossFit trainer, athletes wanting to improve personal records and performance, elite athletes wanting to remain competitive in their sport, or simply for individuals wanting to improve their functional movements so that they may perform the activities of daily living more efficiently.  

We are part of a community of athletes that seek fitness together through hard work, commitment, and camaraderie. Most importantly, our environment and culture at Drop Box Crossfit is FUN and family friendly.

Drop Box CrossFit wants YOU to be our newest member!